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In A Minute: Conclusion

(Illustration) In the United States football is a major sport. One of college football’s most famous moments occurred in the early 1900s when Georgia Tech played California University. Late in the second quarter Tech fumbled and Roy Riegals scooped up the ball and ran sixty-five yards . . . in the wrong direction toward Tech’s goal. His own player tackled him at the two yard-line. California attempted to punt from their end zone, but Tech blocked it and scored. At halftime the teams went to their locker rooms where Riegals burst into tears. But the coach never mentioned Riegals’ misdirected run. As a matter of fact, Riegals was told he would start the second half. But when the team charged back toward the field Riegals wouldn’t budge from the locker room. Understanding human nature as he did, the California coach knew this experience could devastate Riegals. So the coach looked at Riegals, and with the sternness of a Army General said: “Roy, the game is only half over. Get out there. You belong on the field.”

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t eject you from the game when you make a mistake? With God, failure doesn’t mean the game is over. He has a “new thing” for you. I look forward to God’s presence and power gloriously descending upon us. God is doing a new thing in the earth and I want to be more than a part of it; I want to be a vital part of it!

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