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In A Minute: Famous Christmas Words

I bring you good tidings of great joy. Luke 2:16

I have a friend who delivers flowers. His wife told him, “You get to make people happy.”

The good news angels are every where in the Christmas story. Let’s ask God to release those good news angels again.

That angel could be you. Spread the good news. Spread it with a smile. Spread it with a hug. Spread it with a phone call, a text or an email. Spread it with a flower or a piece of chocolate or a silly coffee mug. Spread it with a five-dollar gift card to Starbucks or Walmart. Spread some good news today.

Have a good news day. Do not discuss negative information, or criticize or judge. Do not make unkind comments. Instead look at the people around you. Tell them something good about themselves. Share a Bible verse or be a secret Santa.

Be a good news angel. Someone would love to hear you say, “I bring you something that is going to bring you joy.”

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