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In A Minute: Famous Christmas Words

No, he shall be called John. Luke 1:60

Shakespeare’s Juliet asks, “What’s in a name?” In the Bible days a lot was tied into a name. It was a mark of identity. The angel Gabriel, came to Zacharias and gave him the prophecy concerning the son that was going to be born to him. Zacharias was told to give the child the name John.

The child was born and the friends and neighbors came to celebrate. And of course, everyone is curious about the naming of the child. When Elizabeth told him that his name was John, everyone seemed shocked.

No one in her family had been named John. So where did this name come from? Surely you will give him his father’s name. He is such and honorable man and who better to carry his name than this miracle child.

However, Elizabeth was firm. “No, his name is John.”

Parents, don’t give your child a name that doesn’t belong to them. In a fit of anger or a moment of impatience and frustration, do not change their name. Statements like “How can you be so Stupid?” “Idiot, I’ve told you that a thousand times.” “You’re so Rebellious.” “You act like you have No Brains.” You’re acting like a Whore.”

Remember, who they are in the eyes of God. Call them by the name He has given them. Precious. Beloved. Greatly Loved. Strong. Courageous.

Elizabeth knew the identity of her son. No one would rename him. Sometimes you must stand firm in the face of society and school systems and penal systems. Do allow them to rename your child. Trouble Maker. Drug Addict. Amount to Nothing. Bum. No Good. Fight for their name.

Be firm. No! That’s not His name. His/her name is ______________________

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