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In A Minute: Famous Christmas Words

Go and find the young child and when you find Him… Matthew 2:8

Are you a Herod? Herod instructed the wise men to go and look for the Christ- child and then let him know when they found Him. He said this under the guise of wanting to worship Him also.

You go find Him. How often do we want others to do our spiritual work for us? We stand in long lines for prayer, we run to this meeting or that meeting to hear the latest anointed man or woman of God. When we want an answer, we seek out prophetic voices, so they can tell us what God is saying. The Israelites were like that too. They instructed Moses to go and get the message from God and then to come back and tell them what God had said.

Are we getting to be spiritually lazy? Are we resting on the relationship someone else has with God rather than building our own? Let someone else build the prayer altar and then I will come and worship. Let the worship leader usher in the presence of the Lord and then I will worship. Let the preacher get a good word from God, and then I will worship. Sounds a lot like Herod doesn’t it.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

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