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In A Minute: Unplugged

But what happens when I don’t respond to the “low battery” message? Suppose I just keep on working hoping that I can type fast enough to outlast the battery. Well, I did this once, (maybe twice, but who’s counting anyway?) The next message said, “your battery is very low”. Then, before I could jump up and find the cord, my computer shut down.

Disconnected. Shut out. Whatever you want to call it. I could blame the computer or the battery or the battery maker or a zillion other people. However, the fact remains that I ignored the warning. And I must take responsibility for not heeding the warning messages.

Honestly, the cord was in the other room and I simply didn’t want to get up to get it. “Why, that’s stupid!”, you say. You bet it is! Yet how many times do we do stupid things that lead to bigger problems when we ignore the warning messages. Most of the mistakes we make are little stupid ones. And these are the ones that often get us in big trouble.

Our warning messages come from the still small voice inside us. We don’t always recognize it as God’s voice coming to direct us away from stupid mistakes. Let us strive to become more sensitive to that still voice.

Luke 11:28 Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.

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