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In A Minute: Plugged In

I was working at my laptop the other day. I got this message saying, “your battery is running low.”

I got the cord and plugged it in, but I kept getting the same message. I checked the outlet and sure enough it was plugged in. The message popped up again and I went back to the outlet. Yes, it was plugged in, but not in all the way. As soon as I corrected for this, everything was fine.

I wonder sometimes, if we are plugged in all the way to Jesus. Ever get those warning messages that you sometimes ignore or attend to incompletely? You know-the kind Peter got that said he would deny the Master three times. I’m sure Peter looked at the “commitment cord” and thought, “Nope! I’m plugged in!”

These messages come to us throughout our day. They say, “watch your words” or “don’t respond to that” or “slow down, you’re going too fast” or “you owe that person an apology.” And you may think, “I’m ok. I’m plugged in! Then in your rear- view mirror you notice the red flashing light or you recognize too late that you spoke impulsively and betrayed a friend’s trust.

If we respond to the messages we can save ourselves a lot of trouble and money, when you consider that $75.00 you threw away paying for a speeding ticket.

Revelation 3:3 Remember therefore what you have received and heard…

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