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IN A MINUTE: Declaration: Seize the Season

I am called to seize the season. An opportune time is before me. “This is My day!” declares the Lord. “This is the day I have made for you!”

The spies Moses sent out to search out the land failed to seize the season. They did not have vision to see what God wanted to do for them at that time. It was a time of fruitfulness. They went into the land and brought back a bunch of grapes so large that two men had to carry them.What a picture of what God had in store for them.

However, in their vision were the negative things. They focused on the difficulties and the challenges that would be involved in taking the land from the enemy. In so doing they missed a great opportunity that would be only restored under the leadership of Joshua.

Don’t miss your season because of fear and doubt. See what this new season has for you. Passionately embrace it and thank God for it.

I will seize the season. I will move from the wilderness To the Promised Land. “This is My day!” Declares the Lord.

So, I will agree, and I will decree, “This IS the day the Lord has made. This IS the day He has made for Me.”

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