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IN A MINUTE: Lest He Forgets

But God remembered Noah... (Genesis 8:1)

When I think about Noah and the flood, it almost gives me a panic attack. I can’t fathom being shut up in a boat for such a long time. It rained unceasingly for 40 days and you can just imagine how tiny the ark must have seemed amid the enormous flood waters. And After Noah entered the ark, it seems like communication from God to him ceased.

Noah was on that ark for approximately 370 days! I wonder what thoughts went through his mind. Did he have thoughts like, “What if the rain never stops.? Will I be on this ark forever?

Suppose God forgets that I am even here? Will I die here? Does God remember me?” The answer t that last question comes from an amazing phrase in Genesis 8:1. “But God remembered Noah.” What did God remember about Noah and more importantly, what does God remember about you?

  • God remembered where Noah was. God remembers not only where you are, but why you are where you are.

  • God remembered that Noah had gone through a flood. God remembers that you have gone through some things. The flood did not destroy Noah. God remembered to keep him safe and God will remember to keep you secure in His will.

  • God remembered that He had a plan for Noah. God remembers that you are an important part of His plan.

  • God remembered that Noah had a destiny to fulfill in being fruitful and repopulating the earth. God remembers that you are chosen to bring forth much fruit and that your fruit will remain.

  • God remembered that He had made a covenant with Noah. God remembers the blood covenant made with you through the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • God remembered that Noah’s destiny was not confined to the ark. God remembers that a new season awaits you and the time of your release is at hand.

Never forget that God remembers you.

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