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IN A MINUTE: No Deus ex Machina Here

Have you been praying about something specific, but have not received an answer? The enemy would have you believe that God isn’t interested in your situation You may have even questioned whether your prayer got through and whether God heard you.

God has heard. He has listened to your petition. Delay is not defeat. Neither does delay signify lack of interest. I love this beautiful Scripture from Isaiah 30:18. It says, “And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be gracious unto you, and therefore will He be exalted, that He may have mercy upon you. For the Lord is a God of judgment; blessed are all they that wait for Him.”

We may ask, “Why doses God wait?” Why isn’t He like the deus ex machina, the god from the machine. In ancient Greek and Roman plays the deus ex machina was a god introduced by a crane who came in to decide the final outcome of the drama.

No deus ex machina here. Our God is not like that. He is deliberate and acts with great purpose and forethought. If delay, is needed to bring out some good in us or to expose what is corrupt in us, then delay is simply and instrument He uses to perfect us.

He waits so that we can experience His grace. His grace may come in the form of some tender mercy or in the form of forgiveness and cleansing. He is gracious in that He does not rush to judgment and punishment. Instead He waits in expectancy that we will seek Him out whether for favor or forgiveness.

Such a gracious God!

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