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IN A MINUTE: Battling Shame

Where were you God

When my mouth tasted like my foot

And shame swept over me like a garment

I thought I had outgrown

And I could not find a hole

To slip quietly inside?

I hide my face

And yet I still see it.

Why didn’t I stay in my place?

Why did I venture from home?

Leaving the box

Only to find myself creeping back into it again.

To all of us who battle shame He has promised. “For your shame, you shall receive

the double.” (Isaiah 61:7) This speaks of God as a covering for shame. The image

is of a piece of

cloth that has been folded for double thickness. Covered with such

a cloth, the object would not be seen. God covers shame and it is seen no more.

Why… because Jesus bore our shame all the way to Calvary.

Let me not be ashamed. Let not my enemies triumph over me. Psalm 25:2

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