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IN A MINUTE: Complete?

The Lord will perfect (complete) that which concerns me. Psalm 138:8

What things do I want the Lord to complete? He promises that He will complete those

things that weigh upon our heart. He will complete those things that are about me…

those things that belong to me, have my name written all over them.

He has started working on me and I am a work in process. I need not be discouraged

because God completes what He starts. We are reminded by Paul the He who has begun a good work in us is able to complete it.

We may have a lot of unfinished projects that will never be finished, but not God!

Concerning creation, He said: It is good.” And so, it was completed. The good work was

completed. Each day complete. Each day finished. He started. He finished.

That same creative Spirit is at work in your life and my life to bring forth glory in us. God

looks at what He has started in us and He says, “It is good!” He looks at the conclusion of His work in us and says, “It is good!”

Now, we see in part and judge it to be the whole. Thus, we become disillusioned and

discouraged. Remember God’s grace is at work within us to complete what He has

begun. Agree with Him. “It is good!”

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