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IN A MINUTE: Shout Out

So, the people shouted when the priests blew the trumpets. And it happened when

the people heard the sound of the trumpet and the people shouted with a great

shout, the wall fell flat. Joshua 6:20

The strategy for taking Jericho consisted in part with the priests blowing the

trumpets and the people shouting. Now I ask, “What were they shouting about?”

It was a shout of victory. They were told, “Shout for the Lord has given you this


The walls did not fall flat until after they gave a shout. Their shout was an act of

faith by which they came into agreement with what God had promised.

What do you need to shout about? Can you hear the sound of the trumpet? In

this season, we are to hear the sound that proclaims victory.

Shout, even though your wall has not fallen.

Shout, even though you are still outside the city.

Shout, even though the enemy is intimidating.

Shout, for God has given you__________!

Blessed are they who know the joyful sound. Psalm 89:15

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