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IN A MINUTE: Nightfall

The day is Yours; Yours also is the night. You have established the moon and the

sun. Psalm 74:16

Can you only see God in the day? You know, the time when everything is going

your way. No major problems. No big concerns. Life is good. Then “Boom, baby!”

You are thrust headlong into a night. Bad medical report. Spouse’s job

threatened. Kid kicked out of school again. Creditors harassing you. Daughter

pregnant and doesn’t know who’s the father. Night. Wife having an affair with

your best friend. Totaled your car and you discover your insurance has lapsed.

Darkest night of the soul.

The night with its challenges and chaos belongs to God. He owns the night, so the

night performs His will. The night obeys His command. He sent night to Job, but

He never lost control of the night. Jesus came to rescue the disciples when they

were facing a stormy night. “Be not afraid”, is the command.

Be not afraid of your night. God is in control of your night. God IS in control.

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