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IN A MINUTE: Intercession

We are familiar with the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. But in Exodus 32,

we get a beautiful and inspiring portrait of Moses wrestling with God on behalf of

the children of Israel. The conversation goes somewhat like this:

God: Moses, these are your children. You brought them up out of the land of

Egypt. Your children are rebellious. I’m tired of their ways.

Moses: No, God, they are YOUR children. YOU brought them out of Egypt. YOU

can’t give up on YOUR children.

This is the beauty of intercessory prayer. Moses was already in the presence of

God on the mountain when the tragic incident of idolatry happened among the

Israelites. He didn’t have to get to the presence. He was already there. God

described to him what had happened at the foot of the mountain. (For Moses,

this was a word of knowledge). Moses used this information as a strategy for

intercession/wrestling with God.

There is something to be said about being positioned in His presence when tragic

events occur. Moses did not leave the presence of God to share the word of

knowledge that God had given him, He left the presence to bring redemption.

Prayer: Lord, may I be found in your presence. No matter what happens,

may I befound there. And let me go forth with redemption.

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