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"The goodness of the Lord endures continually. "

Psalm 52:1

God is good.

All the time.

All the time.

God is good.

You have said that haven’t you? Maybe even sang it. It begins to sound very

clichéish after a while. However, it is true. God is good. Jesus said there was no

one good but God. You see, goodness represents the essence of who God is. If

God had DNA and you ran a goodness test, goodness would be all in His DNA.

Evil exists all around us, but bad or evil does not contaminate God. No, He can

exist in the midst of evil and remain as good as He ever was. He is continually

good and His goodness is not overcome by the evil in the world. Where evil

flourishes, the goodness of God abounds even more.

God does not leave us when we mess up and walk in our way. His goodness

pursues us. God’s goodness brings conviction and leads us to repent of evil.

The miracle of this goodness is that it does not wear out. The psalmist said

goodness would follow him as long as he lived. God’s goodness is always there for

us. And we know that because God is good all the things we go through are at

work to bring us a greater revelation of a good, good, God.

No matter how bad life may feel to you right now, God is good. Trust in the

goodness of God. David said that he would have given up unless he believed he

would see the goodness of the Lord in his life.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Give God a chance. Let Him pour His goodness

into you today.

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