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More, Lord

O Lord GOD, You have begun to show Your servant Your greatness and Your strong hand; for what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours? Deut. 3:24

When I read this statement by Moses, I want to ask, “Moses, are you kidding me? How can you say that?”

Is that your reaction too? Yes, I must admit that I am mesmerized by the words “ begun to show”. You see, I am remembering all that God had done through the life of Moses prior to the utterance of these words. Moses had seen God at work when He manifested signs and wonders in Egypt. He had seen first-hand the Red Sea part and the children of Israel march through it on dry ground. But there was more. There was the magnificently, awesome and terrifying scene on Mt. Sinai when God’s presence covered the mountain. And we can’t forget about the giving of the commandments, the manna from heaven, or water gushing out of a rock. You heard me right! Moses saw water come out of a rock! He witnessed miracle after miracle as God supernaturally provided for the Israelites as they trekked through the wilderness.

Yet, after seeing all these things Moses says, “God you have only just begun to show your servant.” Moses must have lived with great expectations. He saw each miracle as a small measure of what God could do. Each miracle provided a glimpse into the unmeasurable power of God. He had not seen it all, but a glimpse let Him know there was more. Much more.

One of the outstanding features of the revivals in the nineties was the prayer “More, Lord”. It was the mark of hungry hearts. People came to those revivals night after night, week after week and month after month. They report being tremendously blessed each time they went. Every touch of Holy Spirit convinced them that a more powerful touch awaited them. Each time they went back, they expected to experience God’s presence in an even greater measure.

The Hebrew word for expect is qovah. It means to look eagerly for, to hope, to linger in wait for. It conveys the image of children on Christmas morning waiting for their parents to get out of bed. They are super-excited because they expect to find presents under the tree with their name on it.

That kind of expectation is what our heavenly Father would love to see in our heart. Eagerly waiting for Him to show more of His greatness and His goodness to us. The presents for Christmas last year were good, but it would be rare to find a child who is not looking for something more this year. God will not disappoint us. Let us lift our expectations higher because our God is greater. He can do exceedingly more than we can ask or desire in our hearts.

Paul takes up where Moses left off. He said our eyes have not seen and our ears have not heard and our hearts have not conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. God loves it when we see Him as unlimited. Moses said God had begun to show him His greatness. We will probably never fully know the greatness of His greatness. Just know that this not the time to be content.


Brazil 2017

Claudia Barbosa and I just returned from a three-week trip to Brazil. We appreciate all your prayers that went with us. We were blessed to travel to three different regions and met lots of new people. We ministered in three different churches and had one-on-one ministry sessions with several people. It was a wonderful time. God was truly faithful to us and blessed us to share His word with great boldness.

I encourage you to pray for the church in Brazil. The Brazilian church has so much potential but is experiencing lots of challenges because there is so much mixture in the leadership and little discernment among the Christians. God has some sincere pastors there with a true shepherd’s heart, but weariness is setting in and they are becoming discouraged. Please strengthen them with your prayers.

Friends of Esther Gatherings 2017

Ladies, you need to make this a priority. Come together at a Friends of Esther Gathering. Join a group of 8 women who desire to spend time in the presence of the Lord and be ministered to and strengthened in their Christian walk. Friends of Esther Gatherings have been called “a life-changing experience.”

Gatherings are held 5 times a year in March, May, June, August and September. In March, we had our first Gathering for the Eagles. It was an incredible encounter with God. Our May Gathering is for Brazilians and is already full. However, there are spaces available for June, August and September. Want to know more? Call or text Marcy, the Gathering Coordinator at 816-726-2236. And ask a friend to join you.


Sceptre Ministries International is supported entirely through donations. We are a non-profit organization and all gifts are tax deductible. Please consider becoming a regular supporter of this ministry. We are currently in need of finances to repair our ministry house, Esther’s House, in Butler, MO. You may donate through this website. Thank you and may God bless!


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