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A New Sound Arising


There is a cry arising.

A cry from a dry church.

A cry from the church in the wilderness.


“Let us return to the Lord!”

There is a cry arising.

A cry arising from a hungry church.

A cry from a church that has eaten at this world’s table.

A cry from an emaciated church.

A cry from a church hungry for His Presence.

There is a cry arising,

“I’m hungry O’ Lord for more of You.”

There is a cry arising.

A cry from a church that discerns the time.

A cry from a church seeing the signs.

A cry from a church that knows

There must be more.

More must come.

More must come NOW!

There is a cry arising.

“More, Lord! More, Lord!”

There is a cry arising

Arising from a desperate church.

“Won’t You come?

Come like You PROMISED?”

David was frustrated after his attempt to return the Ark of the Covenant was aborted by God. He asked, “How shall the Ark of God come to me?” Can you hear the longing for Presence? Can you sense the desperation? Have you any idea how dry a soul must be when Holy Spirit is not there to water it?

David cried out to God. That same cry must be ignited in us. Let’s not be content with dryness. We want to be watered. Our souls must be refreshed by the waters that flow from the throne. We need the waters of His love to wash over us. The waters that cause us to blossom and bring forth righteous fruit.

Let us not be content just to be hungry. Let us do something about it. David was hungry and he went to the priest demanding bread for himself and for the men who were with him. Jesus is the living bread. Our hunger for Him must return. We have chosen bread which has not satisfied. Let us return to the true bread which came from heaven. Martha was cooking food, but Mary was already eating. She had found the good thing and ate till her soul was satisfied.

Let us not be content just to be desperate. Let desperation become intercession. Those who would call upon the name of the Lord are not to remain silent. Rather, they are to cry aloud bombarding heaven with their desperate cries, “Revive me O’, Lord!” Let the people of God rend their hearts, enter the secret place of intercession and call upon His name.

Yes, there is a sound arising. A sound from the dry bones. A sound from the hungry ones. A sound from the desperate ones. It is a new sound and it is music to the ears and heart of God. Psalms 34:17 says, “The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them and delivers them from all their trouble.”

If you are not sensing that cry, ask the Lord to put it within you. That request becomes your cry. We cry out to a God who hears us and moves in our behalf.

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