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Men of Mordecai

Men of Mordecai is a ministry to and for men. Under the leadership of John Wallace, Men of Mordecai reaches out to men who are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Working with the Salvation Army, the Men of Mordecai serve in various roles, including counselors, chaplain, and bible teachers. They also offer Encounters, which are all day sessions for the Salvation Army residents. In these Encounters, the men are taught how to apply the word of God to help them overcome temptations and resist the pull of sin. 

Men of Mordecai are also active working within the religious community to support pastors. They are available for speaking engagements and to offer an onsite Encounter at your church or give consultation regarding building a men's ministry.

Esther's House

Esther's House Gatherings occur five times a year for women aged 18 and over. It is a wonderful time of ministry and encouragement for those who come. Gatherings are held from March to September. For more information, please contact Marcy Gamber.

Third Saturday Connection

Sceptre & Friends of Esther meetings are held every Third Saturday at 11:00 am at Kairos Church located at 2217 High Grove Rd. Grandview, MO 64030. Dr. Joyce shares the word and Marcy Gamber leads praise and worship. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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